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How to Make Pulled Pork in an Electric Smoker

Smoked BBQ PorkMany people in the Northern United States consider barbecue to be any meat that is thrown and cooked on the grill, while Southerners have a much more specific process in place as a definition for barbecue. The basic tenet behind southern barbecue is low and slow, as in low heat for a long time, which allows the very fibers of the meat to break down and become juicy and flavorful.

Nothing works as well as a smoker for making barbecue. Smokers provide the low and slow heat that is perfect for a barbecue and allows the addition of wood chips which add a wonderful aroma and flavor to the meal as well. A smoker can be a lot of work, however, as it takes a significant effort to keep the smoker at the optimum temperature by constantly adding coal to get the temperature just right. When you think that a classic barbecue dish like pulled pork needs to cook for twelve or more hours you can understand why this would be burdensome.

An electric smoker is a set it and forget it alternative that is easy and effortless. To start with you have to purchase the right type of meat. For pulled pork, the most common and best choice is Boston Butt which is flavorful, juicy and with a high fat content. If the fat is hard on the cut you purchase be sure to trim the hard fat off, but do not go to extremes as a good layer of fat adds to the flavor of the dish.

Once you have the meat prepared it is time to add a rub. Cover the meat with mustard which acts as a binding agent and then add your rub to the top. A rub can include any ingredient, but common components are brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, as well as anything else that adds the flavor that you are looking for. Apply it liberally to the meat and rub it into the surface being sure to thoroughly coat it.

Next, place the meat in the electric smoker and set it for 225 degrees. Place the meat down with the fat side facing down and be sure to have the drip pan set with the water pan half full. Add wood chips at this point. Less than half a cup should be sufficient and use a clean wood like cherry or apple, as opposed to mesquite or hickory which can have too strong a flavor.

Next, find some chores to do as you will not have much to do for the next six hours. Simply let the meat sit and cook. After six hours spray the pork with some apple cider or juice and close the smoker for the next six hours. Once the meat is has cooked for about twelve hours it will be ready. Take the whole roast out and let it cool before breaking it into small pieces, being sure to not remove the fat.

Then you can simply eat it by itself or add it to a sandwich. Pulled pork is a great dish and an electric smoker allows you to eat an authentic version while doing little work, but a lot of waiting. Low and slow, my friend. Low and slow.

4 Ideas for Picking a Camp Site

Picking a Camp SiteAre you in the midst of planning the perfect family camping trip? Where you choose to pitch your tent makes all the difference between a great camping excursion or not. As part of the final touches to your trip, incorporate these four tips when selecting a campsite, for a remarkable adventure your family will never forget.

Choose an Established Campground

An established campground has all the amenities necessary for a comfortable camping trip including electrical hook ups, restrooms, water and designated areas for tents, tables and fires. If your family is the more adventurous type, simply pitch a good tent near the established campground, then venture further into the wild for your own group excitement.

Select the Perfect Ground Surface

A rough, bumpy, uneven surface will cause your tent to sit lopsided on the ground, which can make you topple off your sleeping pad in the middle of the night. Therefore, be sure to select a flat surface to pitch your tent, which will allow you to sleep soundly through the night. If possible, select a surface covered with sand or grass.

Consider Your Surroundings

Camping near the water’s edge will provide you with a beautiful view and a convenient way to haul water back and forth to your campsite, however, with water sources comes thirsty animals, bugs and flooding, so keep this in mind.

You should also consider your safety when selecting a campsite. For example, steer clear of avalanche paths, loose rock edges and feeble trees, which may not be so forgiving during turbulent weather. During high winds, camping near large boulders or a patch of strong, sturdy trees will help shelter you from the weather’s elements.

Lastly, consider the impact your adventure will have on the environment. For this reason, it is always recommended that you select a site that has been previously camped to help lessen the impact on the wilderness.

Choose an Area With Ample Space

If you plan to camp with a large party, be sure to select a site with ample space for multiple tents, large amounts of gear and a large enough eating area. Likewise, if you plan to include fun and games as part of your excursion, be sure to factor that into your space as well.

Enjoying nature is all about selecting an excursion that will allow you to experience the outdoors at its best. Camping provides the perfect opportunity to frolic with nature’s wonders during the day, then marvel in the allure of the night as you relax to the calls of the wild. Remember, the keys to planning the perfect camping trip is to secure the right camp site and researching the right gear to bring and a good place to start planning is over at The perfect site should have flat grounds, ample space, provide shelter from the weather’s elements and provide the perfect view of nature.